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CloudAhoy is a product for post-flight debriefing, for pilots. It is cloud-based, and the debrief is done via a web service - on a desktop or laptop and in any browser on any device, on the iPad, or on the iPhone.

CloudAhoy integrates flight data with information from a comprehensive suite of aviation resources, analyzes the flight using a rule-based knowledge engine, and presents the analysis via detail-rich interactive display. CloudAhoy brings technology to post-flight debriefing, adding value to any flight training, and enhancing the experience. It is used by pilots around the world.

Debrief with CloudAhoy is suitable for pilots at all levels and for a variety of scenarios. CloudAhoy debrief can be done for VFR and for IFR, and is effective for review and currency flights. For flight training at any level, CloudAhoy provides an objective look, in a calm environment, at what happened in the cockpit where things happened fast and the pilot is often overloaded with tasks and information. Review on the ground adds significant value to the lesson or review flight.

CloudAhoy also maintains a flights list, with detailed information about each flight. Some of the information is generated automatically by the analyzer - such as the exact times of wheels up and down and a list of manuevers performed during the flight.

Flight data can be logged with CloudAhoy app (iOS, Android) or imporated from many products and devices including ForeFlight, Garmin, and more.

The user interface is rich and friendly. The sharing feature makes it easy to share a flight between pilots and to post on social media.

CloudAhoy is here to make better pilots, and to cherish the fun of flying.

Price and Subscription

CloudAhoy Standard subscription: $65 / year.
CFI discount available for SAFE members and for NAFI members.

When you sign up you get 35-days trial to use CloudAhoy Standard for free (no credit card needed to sign up)

CloudAhoy Track is our free product. As its name suggests it is a flight track product, with some neat extras like automatic flight segmentation. It is cloud-based and includes flights list cabability.

How to Subscribe

Login to your account, and go to the Account tab. You can use a credit/debit card or a PayPal account. There is no automatic renewal.
Or click this:

Features, Compare Plans

Flight Logging
In-cockpit using an iPhone/iPad/Android, or a flight simulator info 
Import flights from other products and devices info 
Access your flights from the web ("cloud storage") info 
Rich flight information per flight info 
Flight Track Track Standard
Flight track in 2D (web and iPad) info 
KML Export (web only, not iPad) info 
Flight sharing Track Standard
Buddies & groups management info 
Share with your co-pilot, buddies and groups info   
Share your flight with anybody by sending link info   
Debrief and analysis Track Standard
Debrief on sectional and IFR charts (2D and 3D) info   
Debrief on satellite images or topo maps (2D and 3D) info   
Cockpit view animation (3D) info   
Flight graphs (airspeed, altitude, VS and more) info   
Glass cockpit gauges info   
Compare the intended / planned / filed flight path (2D and 3D) info   
Rich flight data at any given flight point info   
Segmentation - auto info   
Segmentation - user's info   
Graphic wind vectors display along the flight's path [1] info   
Wind and airspeed during takeoff/landing info   
Wind and airspeed at any point along the flight path [1] info   
Views info   
Declutter info   
Video integration info   
Play mode and timeline info   
NAV targets info   
instrument approaches (2D and 3D) info   
Edit instrument approach info   
CFI mode (iPad, during flight) info   
Integrations Track Standard
Export your flights' data to LogTen Pro info   

[1] Above 1000' AGL: currently USA and southern Canada only


The heart of CloudAhoy technology is the integration of data from multiple sources with built-in knowledge about flight. CloudAhoy combines the cockpit data captured during the flight with weather, aerodrome data, IAPs, aircraft registry and more. Its rule-based knowledge engine has information about aircraft flight characteristics, and how specific maneuvers should be flown. For example, CloudAhoy understand traffic patterns, steep turns, chandelles, missed approaches, autorotations, and thermalling. CloudAhoy integrates all this to provide pilots with clear and precise information about the flight’s stages. The user interface is designed to enable detailed analysis with clarity and ease.


  • Auto-segments your flight maneuvers
  • View your flights in 2D or 3D
  • Overlay aviation charts, terrain maps, or satellite images
  • Cockpit view: relive your flight in 3D animation
  • Display the wind along your route. Check your wind corrections
  • IFR? Compare your instrument approaches vs. 3D or 2D published IAPs
  • Plot altitude, airspeed and VS graphs of your approaches
  • CFI mode for marking the flight in real-time
  • Logbook-like listing of any flight you have flown with CloudAhoy
  • Use the internal iPhone/iPad GPS, or an external GPS
  • Flight sharing between CloudAhoy pilots, and with people without an account
  • Integrated with ForeFlight Mobile, Bad Elf, Dual SkyPro, LogTen Pro, X-Plane