What is the CFI Assistant?

CFI Assistant - Automatic Scoring, an Objective Evaluation of Proficiency and Safety
The CFI Assistant certainly does not replace a human CFI. Human CFIs are indispensable! There is much more to flying than staying on a glide slope or maintaining an altitude, which are the kind of things that the CFI Assistant excels at evaluating. Certain aspects of pilot performance and proficiency are objective and measurable, and that’s where the CFI Assistant comes in.

The CFI Assistant is included in CloudAhoy PRO.

For the student pilot: See how well you performed, and what still needs attention.

For the CFI / CFII / IP: The CFI Assistant will assist you at debrief time.

For the seasoned pilot: Get an immediate feedback: your proficiency and safety.

How Does it Work?

→ CloudAhoy's AI Engine automatically segments a maneuver or an approach.

→ The CFI Assistant applies system or customized envelopes to assess limits.

→ Every aspect of the maneuver (airspeed, altitude, bank, glide slope, ...) is evaluated and scored, then an overall score is computed. A table displays the results.

→ Exceedances are displayed in pink on graphs

Flying a Visual Approach?

→ CloudAhoy automatically identifies the approach: from the pattern or straight-in.

→ The CFI Assistant measures your approach’s stability.

→ It displays detailed analysis results, and marks exceedances.

Traffic Pattern

Shooting an Instrument Approach?

→ CloudAhoy automatically identifies the approach (including transition) and segments the flight accordingly.

→ The CFI Assistant verifies your altitudes between waypoints.

→ It measures how stable was your approach.

→ It displays a profile view with waypoints, published vs. actual, and exceedances.


The CFI Assistant is Constantly Improving!

→ Expanding the AI: adding analysis and scoring of more maneuvers

→ Continually improving the accuracy of the scorings

→ Incorporating user feedback in the AI rules