FlightChops and CloudAhoy

CloudAhoy is my debriefing tool of choice”

- Steve Thorne, FlightChops


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FlightChops and CloudAhoy

Debriefing aerobatic flights

CloudAhoy developed the capability to debrief aerobatic flights working with the United State Air Force.

We have been part of the USAF Pilot Training Next since its inception of 2018, working closely with them and with other technology innovation groups in the Air Force and the Navy.

This work includes enhancing the analyzer to automatically identify and score aerobatic maneuvers, and enhancements to the visualization.

Another challenge: how to get high-fidelity flight data for accurate debrief of live aerobatic flights, which are characterized by high-G and unusual attitudes.

FlightChops and CloudAhoy

We need:
- Accurate attitude (AHRS). G-force. GPS.
- all of that at a high sampling rate and without gaps.

For this work CloudAhoy was awarded a grant from the AirForce via SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research). The research work took more than a year, with a lot of experiments and feedback from Air Force pilots. A working prototype was completed in mid 2020 and is currently used by various squadrons.

FlightChops flights were logged with a very early version.

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Steve Thorne
The Man behind FlightChops

Steve Thorne is fun, funny, and artfully combines serious in-depth attitude to flying with having tremendous fun at it. His endless curiosity, willingness, and readiness to immerse himself in whatever experience aviation offers has lead to awesome videos.

Steve is also a long time CloudAhoy user and fan.

This video is Steve discovering CloudAhoy in 2013.