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Meet & Greet,
Eric Berman of MyFlightBook

Meet & Greet,
Radek Wyrzykowski, EAA Manager of Flight Proficiency

Meet & Greet, Flight Chops

Debrief your Redbird Flight

Monday: 10:15 am - 11:15 am, Tech Talk . . . Pilot Proficiency Center

Tuesday: 12:00 pm . . . Our Booth

Wednesday: 12:00 pm . . . Our Booth

Thursday: 12:00 pm . . . Our Booth

Daily: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm . . . Pilot Proficiency Center

CFI Assistant - Introducing CloudAhoy PRO

We will be showing the CFI assistant on the floor, as well as other features of CloudAhoy PRO (to be released shortly). You can use your own flights.
Reading: CFI Assistant.



Technology can make a big difference - CloudAhoy for Post Flight Debrief

Saturday: 10:15 am ● Chuck Shavit ● Pilot Proficiency Center Details


In this presentation we will talk about the latest capabilities of CloudAhoy, and showing how it makes a difference in every stage of pilots life pursuit to be better and safer : beginner student pilot, advanced flight training, VFR / IFR, and proficiency for experienced pilots. Chuck will show the latest capability - CFI Assistant which gives an automatic assement of pilot performance, and other featutures of CloudAhoy PRO which will be released shortly. Also, we will show a sneak peek of things we are currently working on in collaboration with the Air Force - debriefing of aerobatics and formation.

This will be a hands on presentation with live demonstrations.

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CloudAhoy at the Pilot Proficiency Center

Daily 9 am - 5 pm

All flights simulated at the Pilot Proficiency Center will be debriefed with CloudAhoy. This allows you to...

  • Immediately debrief your flight with your instructor in the Pilot Proficiency Center
  • Add your flight to your existing CloudAhoy account to review at home
  • See how the CFI Assistant makes debriefing even easier

Head over to CloudAhoy's Pilot Proficiency Center Landing Page for links to debriefs of each scenario. Also included are situation files you can load into X-Plane 11 and fly each of the scenarios from the comfort of your own home.

Meet & Greet


Thursday: 12:00 pm ● The CloudAhoy Booth: Hangar C 3083-3084


The man behind and Steve is exploring every aspect of aviation adventure, artfully combining a serious in-depth attitude towards flying with tremendous amounts of fun.

In addition to this meet and greet, Steve will be participating in an event discussing the usage of mobile tech to practice flight. There will be a giveaway during this event includes, among other great prizes, a year of CloudAhoy Pro. For a chance to win, visit the Infinite Flight booth (3027) or the CloudAhoy booth (3083) to get your advanced ticket.

Win a year of CloudAhoy Pro

Eric Berman - MyFlightBook

Tuesday: 12:00 pm ● The CloudAhoy Booth: Hangar C 3083-3084

Eric Berman of MyFlightBook

Eric is the creator of MyFlightbook, the first cloud-based open-source logbook for pilots.

Eric spent years running software teams at Microsoft and Expedia, but for the past 13 years has focused his coding efforts on developing a free and easy to use logbook for pilots. Eric is a holds commercial/instrument ASEL, ASES, and AMEL ratings, and in his other lives, he is the president of an angel investing group ( that focuses on cleantech and is involved with various environmental/wildlife-conservation non-profits.


Radek Wyrzykowski - EAA SkillScore Tracker

Wednesday: 12:00 pm ● The CloudAhoy Booth: Hangar C 3083-3084

Radek Wyrzykowski EAA

Radek Wyrzykowski is dedicated to pilots proficiency, and was instrumental in creating The EAA SkillScore Tracker, a tool powered by the CloudAhoy API. The EAA SkillSkore Tracker is part of EAA Proficiency 365.

Radek serves now as a Manager of Flight Proficiency at the Experimental Aircraft Association. He is the founder of IMC Club International and served as a President of that organization. Radek is a Certified Flight Instructor Instrument and Multi-Engine Instructor, and has more than 6000 hours dual given.