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CloudAhoy P-FOQA™ is pilot-centric (hence the “P”)

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  • Pilot-centric
  • Deliver immediate reports and alerts
  • Secured to protect privacy
  • Deliver anonymized reports to designated safety personnel
  • Configurable and customizable

[Lexington, MA, March 2, 2023] CloudAhoy is happy to announce the release of CloudAhoy P-FOQA™ (“P” is for Pilot), a pilot-centric Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) / Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) product for General Aviation. This release follows months of collaboration with early customers, and successfully addresses the needs of diverse types of General Aviation operations including flight training, owners/operators, charter, and fractional ownership.

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Post-flight email

> Sent to the pilot immediatly after landing (optional)

> Flight Summary and report card

> Include safety events

> One-click to a full debrief


CloudAhoy P-FOQA and Debrief

CloudAhoy’s P-FOQA is using the same underlying technology as CloudAhoy’s post-flight Debrief products, with the additional capability to identify safety events, to analyze and visualize aggregated data, and to notify pilots, safety personnel, and fleet managers of safety events. The integration with CloudAhoy Debrief provides an efficient way to identify the root cause of safety events, increase pilots’ safety awareness, facilitate learning and improvements. This leads to becoming a better and safer pilot.


Citation Jet Pilots Association (CJP)

“CJP’s Safety and Education Foundation has been striving to bring the tremendous success of airline FOQA to the single pilot in business aircraft. Working with CloudAhoy, we have been able to create a CJP-FOQA program that aggregates trend data like the airlines, but importantly adds a pilot-oriented feedback report immediately upon landing after each flight. This allows each pilot in CJP-FOQA to benefit from the group trends while also tracking their own flight outcomes for continuous improvement and safety, a first of its kind capability in the FOQA world.”

-- Charlie Precourt, CJP Safety Committee Chair and four-time NASA space shuttle astronaut

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University’s (ERAU) College of Aviation at Daytona Beach FL

"At Embry Riddle Aeronautical University College of Aviation, flight data acquisition, analysis, and visualization are vital components of our IS-BAO Stage 3 registered safety management system. As an active member of the CloudAhoy P-FOQA Steering Group, we provide flight event parameters pertinent to ab-initio flight training providers seeking to include flight data management in their safety strategies. We look forward to further collaboration with the CloudAhoy P-FOQA team."

-- Bob Joyce, Director of Aviation Safety

"I also envision training benefits - CloudAhoy P-FOQA provides an easy way to identify performance trends from aggregate flight data for validating training and standardization effectiveness. P-FOQA and CFI Assistant combined are powerful analytical tools for training program management.

-- Paul Cairns, Assistant Chief Flight Instructor

Tidal Aviation

"CloudAhoy has been a powerful tool in our toolbox for years, but P-FOQA has become a clear game-changing advantage for us."

-- Reid Nelson, President, Tidal Aviation

"We are now able to standardize our CFI’s SOPs not only with a virtual standardization checkbut the Artificial Intelligence is able to look at every single flight to help us focus more on the ops we may have otherwise missed. Power Off 180s are just one example where we have been able to rethink our own training process and improve that specific task’s safety as well as the methods to teach it. We know we have work to do on stabilized approaches, the AI has enabled us to in literally minutes, do what takes even large organized flight schools, dozens of labor hours per week to do."

-- Jim Ratliff, Chief Instructor

Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF)

“For a long time, FDM programs have been accessible mostly to medium-to-large cabin aircraft operators…Now we can provide the benefits of FDM at a much lower cost point.”

-- Bryan Burns, President

Jet It

“There’s real value in being able to visualize our flight crew performance and trends in the aggregate while simultaneously providing our pilots a detailed flight debrief so they can continuously refine their skills.”

-- Jason Greenleaf, Director of Safety

United Aviate Academy

“P-FOQA is a powerful tool for examining our training flights, performing flight safety investigations and analyzing aircraft maintenance events.”

-- Ray Vester, Director, Safety, Security and Compliance

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