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CJP-FOQA ℠ and CloudAhoy P-FOQA™

⇒ Data-Driven

⇒ Post-Flight Debrief

⇒ Analysis and Scoring

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CJP Safety and Education Foundation and CloudAhoy are working together -

Bringing Flight Data Monitoring (FDM)

and Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA)

to General Aviation

CJP-FOQA℠ Powered by CloudAhoy P-FOQA ™

Citation Jet Pilots Association Introduces Partnership with CloudAhoy to bring CJP-FOQA to CJP Members

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Private and Secure

• Only the pilot can see the flight

• Anonymized aggregated data is available on dashboard to CJP participants

Data Acquisition Options


Additional information

Textron LinxUs FDM: Textron LinxUs FDM

Textron LinxUs Legacy: LinxUs Legacy

AirSync: AirSync

Post-flight email

• Immediately after landing

• Sent to the pilot only

post flight email

“CJP’s Safety and Education Foundation has been striving to bring the tremendous success of airline FOQA to the single pilot in business aircraft. Working with CloudAhoy, we have been able to create a CJP-FOQA program that aggregates trend data like the airlines, but importantly adds a pilot-oriented feedback report immediately upon landing after each flight. This allows each pilot in CJP-FOQA to benefit from the group trends while also tracking their own flight outcomes for continuous improvement and safety, a first of its kind capability in the FOQA world.”

-- Charlie Precourt, CJP Safety Committee Chair and four-time NASA space shuttle astronaut


• Aggregated data of CJP members

• Anonymized



Safety events

• Automatically detected

• Reported to the pilot only

safety eents

Ready for debrief immediately after landing

• On iPad, iPhone, laptop,desktop


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Credit: eaa and Charlie Precourt.