Featured prize from CloudAhoy

Embedding a video in a CloudAhoy debrief - tutorial:

And the winner is: Bill Derr


"Used it with good success as a commercial and CFI student, and now it continues to be a great tool for debriefing flights with my students. For those of us that only fly on the weekends, the CloudAhoy replay with embedded video allows us to relive the previous flight and pick up where we left off."

Bill Derr is an early adopter active user of CloudAhoy for the 4th year.

FlightChops and CloudAhoy

CloudAhoy is my debriefing tool of choice”

- Steve Thorne, FlightChops

Some recent videos in which Steve uses CloudAhoy:

Why are Pilots afraid of ATC? Flying IFR with a Controller to find out! - Mooney M20J - VLOG

Owning the Airspace: IFR at uncontrolled airport - California Flight Training VLOG - NorCal ATC

IFR Approaches to Minimums - Marine Layer FOG - California Flight Training VLOG - NorCal ATC audio

Near Flying Disaster Becomes Learning Experience with Proper Debrief - An Idea is Born‬

Steve Thorne of FlightChops

Steve Thorn is Fun and Funny, and artfully combines serious in-depth attitude to flying with having tremendous fun at it. His endless curiosity and his willingness and readiness to immerse himself in whatever experience aviation offers lead to awesome videos.

Steve is also a long time CloudAhoy user and fan.

This video is Steve discovering CloudAhoy in 2013.