CloudAhoy - Debriefing for Pilots

With CloudAhoy data we can write coverage in high definition. It’s customized insurance that can make you a better pilot.”

- Jim Anderson
Senior Vice President
Starr Aviation

Starr Gate app with Scoring

Starr Gate

Powered by CloudAhoy

Starr Insurance Companies has partnered with CloudAhoy to provide on-demand insurance policies to pilots via Starr Gate. Starr Gate customers will receive free personalized CloudAhoy scoring that can help them become better pilots by matching their performance from wheels up to wheels down post flight with thousands of other pilots.

About CloudAhoy

In addition to providing a score for each of their flights, CloudAho Pro enables pilots to debrief their flights in 2D and 3D using a powerful interface.

Have an account?

If you already have a CloudAhoy account, you can link it with your Starr Gate account via their iPad app. Once linked, Starr Gate will be given access to your flights and help you save on your insurance costs.

Want to sign up?

New users are offered a 35 day free trial of CloudAho Pro. If you do not currently have an account, click on the sign up button to get started. You can then link your CloudAhoy account and your Starr Gate account through their iPad app.