Plans and Prices

The Basics
  • Flight logging
  • Import flights from devices
  • Flight list
  • Cloud based
  • Web via any browser
  • Flight track in 2D
  • KML Export (web only)
$65 / Year
Everything in Track Plus
  • Auto segmentation
  • Segment info
  • Smart graphs
  • VFR & IFR flights
  • Instrument approaches
  • 2D & 3D Track
  • Cockpit view with gauges
  • Aviation charts worldwide
  • Animations
$150 / Year
Everything in Standard Plus
  • CFI Assistant: Scoring
  • Envelope Editor
  • Instrument appr by waypoint
  • Instrument appr profiles
  • Actual fuel consumption
  • Rich gauges display
  • 3D Aircraft Model
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For Organizations
  • Aggregated data
  • Dashboard
  • Anonymization
  • Setting SOPs and exeedances
  • Alerts upon potential safety events
35 Day Trial

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Flight Logging, Flight List
iOS/Android flight logging (real and simulator) info 
Import flights from other products and devices info 
Web-based access to flight list info 
CFI mode (iPad, during flight) info   
Flight Track Track Standard PRO
Flight track in 2D (Web and iOS) info 
KML export (Web only, not iPad) info 
Flight Sharing Track Standard PRO
Share with your co-pilot, buddies, and groups; or via email info   
Debrief - Analysis and Visualization Track Standard PRO
Automatic flight segmentation info   
Wind data (numeric, vectors) for every point along the flight info   
Debrief on sectional and IFR charts (2D and 3D) info   
Debrief on satellite images or topo maps (2D and 3D) info   
Instrument approaches (2D and 3D) info   
Cockpit view animation (3D) info   
Flight graphs (airspeed, altitude, VS and more) info   
Detailed per-segment information (numeric and graphs) info   
Glass cockpit gauges info   
Compare the intended / planned / filed flight path (2D and 3D) info   
Rich flight data at any given flight point info   
User defined segmentation info   
3D Aircraft Model info     
Debrief - UI Track Standard PRO
Multiple views info   
Declutter info   
Video integration info   
Play mode and timeline info   
NAV targets info   
Integrations Track Standard PRO
Integrations with products and services info   
The CFI Assistant Track Standard PRO
CFI Assistant: automatic scoring [more info] info     
Envelope Editor: grading customization info     
Enhanced Instrument Approaches Track Standard PRO
Instrument approach by waypoint info     
Instrument approach profile view info     
Rich EFIS Data Track Standard PRO
Actual fuel consumption [2] info     
Rich gauges display [2] info     

[1] Above 1000' AGL: currently USA and southern Canada only
[2] Requires data from a supported EFIS

Organization Account

For organizations including flight universities and schools, military units, airlines and business operations - creating and managing an organization account is made easy with the Organization Manager. Authorized personnel can perform:

  • P-FOQA
  • Subscriptions management:
    Assign and manage subscriptions. Subscriptions in organization accounts are transferable.
  • organization-wide aircraft parameters:
    Define aircraft used in the organization, including simulator models, and their V-Speeds.
  • Envelope customization:
    Customized scoring envelopes. An organization can have more than one envelope.


CloudAhoy is a product for post-flight debriefing, for pilots. It is cloud-based and allows debriefs to be performed in any browser on any device including desktops, iPad, Android, and iPhone.

The heart of CloudAhoy's technology is the ability to integrate data from multiple sources, and to analyze the combined data - transforming the data into meaningful information.

The data:
CloudAhoy combines the flight data captured during the flight with weather, aerodrome data, instrument approach procedures, aircraft registry, and more.

The analyzer:
CloudAhoy's rule-based knowledge engine has information about aircraft flight characteristics and understands how specific maneuvers should be flown. Based on that, CloudAhoy automatically segments the flight, and scores maneuvers. For example, CloudAhoy understands traffic patterns, steep turns, chandelles, missed approaches, autorotations, and thermalling.

Visualization and User Interface:
CloudAhoy has a rich and friendly user interface, designed to enable detailed analysis with clarity and ease. Powerful visualization, 2D / 3D, animation, overlays of a variety of different map types, smaart graphs - those are some of the elements which make CloudAhoy visualization powerful and effective.

CloudAhoy has a simple sharing mechanism, enabling pilots to share their flights. This is useful for sharing between buddies, student/instructor, pilot/passengers, friends, family, and social media.

Flight List:
CloudAhoy also maintains a flight list which contains detailed information about each flight. The analyzer will automatically record the exact wheels up and down time for each flight in addition to all of the maneuvers performed. CloudAhoy Pro users will be able to quickly see their CFI Assistant score for each flight allowing them to identify which may require extra attention.

Debriefs performed using CloudAhoy are suitable for pilots of all experience levels and can be used in a variety of scenarios. Pilots can debrief both VFR and IFR flights that are performed for training, recreation, or compensation. For pilots performing or receiving flight training, CloudAhoy provides an objective look at their performance in a calm environment enabling them to review what happened during their flight. This is important because things can happen quickly in the cockpit and it's possible for things to get missed. Postflight debriefs on the ground can add significant value to a lesson or flight review.

CloudAhoy is here to make better pilots and to cherish the fun of flying.