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What's New in CloudAhoy

What's New - Highlights

CloudAhoy on iPad

iPad Interface Overhaul

We have made significant improvements to the user experience for iPad users.

The debriefing pane can split with a single press of a button and each pane can easily swap between all possible views.

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Debrief Follow-Me

Segment Information "Follow me"

The Segment Information Pane will now follow your flight.

Moving the timeline will update the segment information pane with your current segment. There is no longer any need to open a second graph.

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Debrief Follow-Me

View Locking

Each view can now be locked.

When a view is locked, it will not move with the timeline. This allows pilots to leave their camera in a specific location to get a static view of their flight.

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Debrief Follow-Me

Interchangeable Views

All panes in the debrief area can now be set to any view.

This functionality includes Segment Information Views, allowing pilots to easily switch between 2D, 3D, and graph views.