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Pilot Proficiency Center
All Week - July 21 - 25, 2020 Register

CloudAhoy Tech Talk
Sharpening your skills with CloudAhoy
Friday: 5:30pm EDT - Register

Pilot Proficiency Center

This year the EAA Pilot Proficiency Center is coming to you!

The Pilot Proficiency Center has gone virtual: EAA, Redbird, and Community Aviation teamed up, and CloudAhoy is happy to be part of that!

Participats in this event will be able to debrief their flights with CloudAhoy Pro.

All flights will be automatically uploaded from your Redbird ATD to CloudAhoy. Your instructor will remotely debrief your flight and provide detailed feedback on your performance.

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Redbird MFD

Debriefing an IFR Secenario - Deep Practice

Tech Talk

Sharpening Your Skills with CloudAhoy

Friday: 5:30pm EDT ● Ty Shuff

In this presentation we will talk about the latest capabilities of CloudAhoy, and showing how it makes a difference in every stage of pilots life pursuit to be better and safer : beginner student pilot, advanced flight training, VFR / IFR, and proficiency for experienced pilots.

This will be a hands on presentation with live demonstrations.

Our Speaker:


Ty Shuff is CloudAhoy’s Customer Liaison. He is an instrument rated pilot currently training towards his Commercial and CFI ratings. His wife would tell you that he also spends far too much time on his desktop flight simulator, maintaining proficiency with an extensive virtual hangar.