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All week ... Pilot Proficiency Center
July 26 - Aug 1, 2021 ...more Information

Monday: Gram Worthy: Capture student interest and improve flight training outcomes with technology
Charath Ranganathan ● Monday, July 26; 11:30 AM - 12:45 ● NAFI Professional Development Tent ...more information

Tuesday: An Astronaut’s Guide to “FOQA”: Bringing Space Shuttle Tech to Every GA Pilot
Charlie Precourt ● Tuesday, July 27; 10:00 AM - 11:15 ● Forum Stage 9 - Zenith ...more information

Charlie says that when he was landing a space shuttle, collecting data and using it later for in-depth debrief was an integral part of the on-going learning. It seems natural to him to bring this best practice to GA pilots. Over the last year-and-a-half Charlie has been working with CloudAhoy and with other technology groups to realize this vision.

Tuesday: High Value Flight Instruction: Flight Debriefs
Brittney Tough ● Tuesday, July 27; 1:30 PM - 2:45 ● NAFI Professional Development Tent ...more information

Friday: Proficiency 365 - Tools for Staying Proficient Year-Round!
Brittney Tough & Radek Wyzrykowski ● Friday, 7/30; 9:00 AM -10:00 ● Pilot Proficiency Center ...more information

Tech Talk: Sharpening your skills with CloudAhoy
Ty Shuff ● Virtual

In this presentation we will talk about the latest capabilities of CloudAhoy, and showing how it makes a difference in every stage of pilots life pursuit to be better and safer : beginner student pilot, advanced flight training, VFR / IFR, and proficiency for experienced pilots.


Pilot Proficiency Center

About Pilot Proficienct Center: Learn more

Redbird MFD
Redbird MFD


Redbird MFD

Like in previous years, CloudAhoy is part of the Pilot Proficiency Center.

The Pilot Proficiency Center, centrally located at AirVenture’s “Four Corners”, provides pilots the chance to fly a variety of VFR or IFR scenarios in a Redbird flight simulator with a volunteer CFI.

The scenarios provide an effective and challenging experience meant to encourage pilot proficiency and unique ways to enhance flying skills.

Debriefing with CloudAhoy will be available during those sessions, or you can come to our booth later and we will be happy to debrief them with you.

See: Scenarios

Our Speakers


Ty Shuff is CloudAhoy’s Customer Liaison. He is an instrument rated pilot currently training towards his Commercial and CFI ratings. His wife would tell you that he also spends far too much time on his desktop flight simulator, maintaining proficiency with an extensive virtual hangar.


Brittney Tough is the Head of Marketing at CloudAhoy. She is a commercial rated pilot and CFI flying out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Her next flying goal is a seaplane rating.

Other Speakers


Charlie Precourt is the chair of the Safety Committee for CJP (Citation Jet Pilots). He is a former Air Force F-15 test pilot / instructor and a four time NASA space shuttle astronaut.
He is now vice president of Propulsion Systems for Northrop Grumman and Vice Chairman of EAA's Board of Directors.


Radek Wyrzykowski has more than 6000 hours dual given. Author of the books “Becoming A CFI.” Certified Flight Instructor Instrument and Multi-Engine Instructor. He is the founder of the IMC Club. He serves now as a Manager of Flight Proficiency at the Experimental Aircraft Association.