CloudAhoy P-FOQA™

"P" is for pilot


Flight Data Monitoring (FDM)
Flight Operation Quality Assurance (FOQA)


General Aviation

CloudAhoy P-FOQA™ is pilot-centric (hence the “P”)

P-FOQA is tailored for General Aviation and is modeled after similar programs used by the airline industry. It is designed for business aviation, flight training, owners/operators, and fleet managers. The safety events are automatically detected by CloudAhoy and presented on a dashboard.

CloudAhoy P-FOQA is currectly in beta by selected customers.


P-FOQA design goals

  • Pilot centric
  • Deliver immediate reports and alerts
  • Secured to protect privacy
  • Deliver anonymized reports to designated safety personnel
  • Configurable and customizable

CloudAhoyP-FOQA and Debrief

CloudAhoy’s P-FOQA is using the same underlying technology as CloudAhoy’s post-flight Debrief products, with the additional capability to identify safety events, to analyze and visualize aggregated data, and to notify pilots, safety personnel, and fleet managers of safety events. The integration with CloudAhoy Debrief provides an efficient way to identify the root cause of safety events, increase pilots’ safety awareness, facilitate learning and improvements. This leads to becoming a better and safer pilot.


How to log flight data?

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